Friday, 5 April 2013


Well, so far so good...dh and I are managing wonderfully so far not to shout. We are saying "yes" to the children much more than no (unless for good reason obviously) and add a result we've had a peaceful few days. Today has been a little more difficult as I've not been sleeping well so I'm SO tired... but I've still not shouted, and neither have they.

We had a lovely day yesterday. Dh stayed home to get on with garden jobs while I took the children to our local wildlife park with my best friend Dawn and her two children A who is 14 and R who is 8. It was bitterly cold but being with our very best friends we could have been in a cardboard box and still had a good time. I met Dawn when I was 11 when we first started secondary school. We've been through a lot together and still extremely close now. She's kind of my soul mate. Someone I can spend hours with chatting about nothing and never get bored. Time whizzes by and in a flash its time to go home.

Anyway, it was totally freezing all day with snow on and off but the children were having such a great time and to be honest,.. So were we despite the cold. After six hours of pacing the park in minus temperatures and an hour standing waiting for then to finish in the play area,  we really had to go home. Our bodies could no longer cope with the cold.

We said or goodbyes with the agreement that Dawn and the children would come to our house for the day next Friday. They live an hour and a half away... Where we used to live... So visits are normally few and far between... And with N and her recent anxieties it's been hard to get her to travel more than half an hour.

I'm assuming it was due to the cold of yesterday that made me wake up feeling like I felt this morning. Still freezing. Achey. Sore eyes. And oh so tired. Even so, we visited some friends for lunch and had a nice day. I am glad it's nearly over though. x x

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