Sunday, 31 March 2013

Too much shouting!

So, dh and I have been in huge discussions this evening... And yesterday evening too. We've been discussing our family and all that's wrong with it right now. The main thing is the shouting. We all shout and its really getting me down right now.

Before the children got to 2 (ish) and 4 (ish) dh and I never shouted. We never argued with each other.... Rarely even had heated conversations. So what changed? The children started having arguments, we moved areas so dh was commuting a long distance so he was more tired and grumpy and I was (at the time) working 3 days a week and studying for two and exhausted. So with all that going on we got grumpy and shouty... and so did the children.

You see, children learn by example. So they were learning that if they weren't happy with something then you shout. The more they shouted, the more we shouted.... And so it had continued.

But now the children are nearly 8 and 10 and the shouting is getting louder and more ferocious. So something needs to be done. And it needs to be done now.

So dh and I have just made a pact that we will try to parent more gently and to try and not shout any more. Easier said than done after all these years.... But we can only try.

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