Thursday, 11 April 2013


Dd is getting to the age where life is only really fun if a friend is with her. I can relate to that. It just feels sad somehow that she is beginning to need them more and us less... But I guess that's the way life goes when they start to grow up.

We've had a lovely half term. We seem to have done quite a lot without making any big plans. Tomorrow the friends we saw at the wildlife park are coming over for lunch and as it will be a day before C's 8th birthday we have decided to turn it into a bit of a party and have his cake early.

Talking of the cake, N and I have been slaving over that half the day. C wanted Pokemon on his cake so N has been doing an amazing job moulding the little figures out of icing. Unfortunately we couldn't find any of that black squeezy tube icing to draw on the facial markings so it won't look perfect... But I love it all the same and N had a great time making them. I'll try and get photos on soon.

It's F's 1st birthday on Tuesday so we'll be making yet another cake on Monday... So much for my diet!!! *Sigh *. xx

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