Saturday, 23 March 2013

Where is spring?

A couple of weeks ago it reached 17 degrees in our town!! 17 degrees. I didn't even need a coat on and neither did 10 month old F. The skies were blue...

Then today... We woke to this!!

Seeing as we'd planned a day out including a picnic we were not impressed.
 So we decided to take a walk to the library and get some more books (we're all book obsessed in our house!)  And spend the rest of the day chilling, reading and crafting.

At one point daddy and F were taking a snooze so C and N starting some papier maché crafting and I decided to get going on sorting out our spring season table (just so I can pretend it is going to be spring soon!) I've got lots of ideas of what else to put on the spring table and so has N. We have ideas for painting, felt items, photographs, tissue paper items... Let's hope we continue to find time to do it all.

 What have I done with F this week? Water play, walks to the park, visited Nanny and Grandad, library visits, painting, messy play with cornflour, as always lots of looking at books, taking puzzles apart, baths and housework with F on my back in the mei tai.

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