Monday, 25 February 2013

Awareness stage, play centre and reorganising

F had been going through a particularly clingy stage at the moment. He is teething, he has a horrible cough and cold and he's 10 months - classic age for going through this. The once easy to put down to sleep baby is no more. He now cries so much if you don't cuddle him. This is fine as I quite like the cuddles. Having two much older children (7 and 10) you realise how quick the time goes and how previous these early years are. So this is a normal day time nap these days... But I love it!

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I took our boys to a new play centre which had just opened near us. F quite liked the ball pit but most of the time he preferred to sit on my lap and watch the other children. We're of there again tomorrow... Making the most of it while he's free to get in.

Least week my kettle decided to give up so I managed to convince my hubby to by me a funky purple kettle to go with my funky personality! :-)   

And then my microwave went too... So look what I got! :-) :-) :-) 

We had a bit of a shift around at home the other day. I'm getting constantly frustrated with our rubbish use of space! Our house is NOT tiny! We have two double bedrooms, a tiny box bedroom, a nice cosy lounge, a large kitchen/diner and utility AND a large conservatory... So as you can see... Not tiny. But we have too much clutter and not enough storage for what we actually need. We had a whole area in the conservatory for the PC but it's barely used except when we need to print something or transfer photos because everyone had tablets/smartphones. Do I got DH to build me some shelving for my endless pikes of books and positioned the pc neatly underneath. This means we can now fit quite a lot in a space which was just empty before. I still have lots of space on the shelves so I will make sure dh gets up in the loft to get my book box down asap! Either that or I will need to trawl the charity shops for new books to fill the spaces! :-) 

 This freed up some space in the conservatory and we've now moved the table out there to make a separate eating area rather than eating in the kitchen. I'd quite lie to get a small 2 person kitchen table for homework/breakfast (we all tend to eat breakfast at different times) and for messy play/art and crafts.

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