Monday, 4 February 2013

Snow, dishwashers and helping Daddy!

I've not written for a while mainly because I've not got round to getting my photos on my tablet. Now they are here so i'll update what we've been doing.

N having a rare half an hour building a snowman on her own! This girl NEVER does anything on her own so this was amazing to watch. She said she really enjoyed herself and wondered why she doesn't do things along more often. Not that she's done anything alone again since then.. but it was nice while it lasted.

We all had great fun in the snow... F included! I think he was a bit bewildered by it all!

G took the big two for a ride on their sledges to the village green to go sledging.

Oh... And F's found a new game! Let's Getty IN the dish washer to pull the baskets in and out! Therefore meaning daddy had to fit a safety gate...

F helping daddy fixing the telephone wire to the skirting board. I didn't manage to get a photo but every time daddy used his hammer F banged his little wooden hammer on the floor too.

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