Saturday, 19 January 2013

Redundancy and lazy days...

So, my dh was made redundant before Christmas. He's now been of work a month and we're all still a bit up in the air. Due to a big lack of communication, his insurance or JSA had kicked in yet. He got very little in terms of a redundancy pay and so the money won't last much longer. He has two meetings at the job centre next week on Wednesday and Thursday so hopefully something will get sorted after that. In the mean time, we're a bit in limbo and I know he for one is starting to feel the pressure. I think once payments start he will settle down a bit emotionally and begin to start looking for a new job... But I can tell he's on edge right now.

Today, however, had been a bit of a lazy day. Dh took some garden rubbish down to the dump but apart from that we've not done a great deal. I did transform my kitchen table from this

To this:

And the other day I organised my craft area (and promised photos to follow)...

This may look a bit untidy but each cat food box is labelled with what is inside it... So I guess you could call it " organised chaos". :-) 

That is just about the extent of anything I've achieved today. Of course, I did the normal everyday things of washing up, cooking, washing up, loading the washing machine, unloading the washing machine and hanging clothes on the airer, putting clean clothes away, cooking again, washing up again... Blah blah blah...

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