Saturday, 12 January 2013

The de-clutter begins...

So, I decided that we HAVE to de-clutter in order to get our lives back on track.

N (daughter aged 10), has been struggling recently with quite bad anxiety. Started in August last year, turned severe by October and gradually improved over time. She's still struggling now but had greatly improved over the past couple of months.

I felt that our home life is not helping. We are a family of five living in a small three bedroomed house and we have far too many belongings for the space we have. So, 2013 is the year of change.

G (husband) was made redundant before Christmas, therefore we have more than household change to deal with. But right now we address all tripping over each other and it's driving us all mad.

So today...I began to blitz my utility/craft area. It's a tiny space that houses the washing machine. It has two shelves over head which have box upon box of craft supplies. These were all over the place with everything dumped on top of everything else. So I packed G off with the two big children (N - 10 and C - son aged 7) to the skate park down the road with their scooters, put F (Son aged 9 months) down for his nap and got to work. Photos to follow.

Each day I intend to do a small bit towards decluttering so we can finally live in a bit of peace and harmony rather than the chaotic environment we survive in at the moment.

Your welcome to join me in my quest for a less clutter. I would love to hear about anything you are doing to simplify. Join me in this journey to live a more simplistic life.

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