Friday, 10 June 2011

Productive day

I feel like I've had a pretty productive day - which is good for me, as I normally feel like I've not achieved the huge list of tasks which I've set myself and that makes me feel low and useless.

I managed to do the vacuuming, put all the clean washing away, cook and eat dinner before washing and drying up again :-) Also had time to spend an hour playing board games with N too which was lovely as I always feel like I have too many jobs to do to justify stopping to play games. 

By the evening I felt that I could cope with an unexpected visitor if they happened to call by...whereas normally I would ignore the door just in case I had to let someone see my hideously messy house. In fact, I'd actually LOVE my mum to come and see what I've done. She would be SO proud as she saw it yesterday looking it's worst. :-(

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