Friday, 10 June 2011

Look what I did!

Well, it took me an hour to put everything away that was already on the draining board, wash up everything that was filling the sink and then put away again! Then I had to fill the sink with water and bleach and leave it for an hour - so while that happened I scooped up all the children's toys so I could see their floor and put them in a big box which they can sort out throughout the week (or the box gets moved to the shed!) I also started sifting through the clothes and put them into piles of which goes to which family member. Not managed to put it away yet though.
Once the hour was up, I got scrubbing....well, I wish I'd taken a "before" picture. But here is my "after" picture which I'm pretty impressed with (even if it did take a total of 2 hours to do - 3 if you include the soaking!)
So that is my "Day 1" of flylady completed. I've never spent so long cleaning one area of my house before. And I have to say, it does make me feel very good. I did feel a bit obsessed while doing it as the tap kept dripping which meant I had to keep drying it out and did once actually shout at the tap to stop doing it on purpose! Lol! I've also put the washing up bowl on our useless dishwasher as we're not using it at the moment. So all the dirty dishes have to get put in the bowl in the dishwasher and when it's full, I bring it out to wash AND DRY up. That way all the dirty stuff is out of sight so I don't have to cringe at it every time I look towards to sink. 
I do keep looking round the house and seeing what else I could do...but I have to stop myself. I have study to do. I will do the vacuuming once the children get home from school.

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