Monday, 13 January 2014

Perfectionism is draining

Nothing ever turns out quite how I wanted it to.... Perfectionism.
The children don't behave quite how I expect them to... Perfectionism.
My husband doesn't think the way I think... Perfectionism.
The house is never quite tidy enough...  perfectionism.
There's no point just tidying a bit of the house, it needs to look like a show home!.. perfectionism.
If I can't lose at least 3-4lbs in a week then why do I even bother trying to diet??...  Perfectionism.

Being a perfectionist is draining. So draining. You're never quite happy enough. Nothing's good enough. Your best is NOT enough! So what do you do??

I spend all day every day nagging the family to clear up, put away, don't put it there in the first place! It falls on deaf ears. We've recently got these fabulous book shelves in the January sales for next to nothing and so I got excited about buying lots of posh boxes or baskets to put on it! Well, my excitement soon dwindled when I realised the ones I wanted that fitted perfectly and looked a little bit "grown up" didn't exist. Therefore I ended up with these...

There are ten boxes on five shelves (not sure what happened to the bottom of my photo!!)

These don't look elegant or grown up or anywhere near attractive unfortunately. But they're big containers and they fit a lot of "stuff". We have a second shelf to the left of this one which will be for books only. I intend on collecting all the books from everywhere in the house to put here. What a fabulous amount of storage space! Yes, it's great! If only everyone put things away after they've finished with them!!!!

I have to admit that two of the boxes are already filled with unorganised clutter that probably doesn't need to be in there. One had my stash  of magazines (The Green Parent, Rosemary Conley and Craftseller) and The other... Well, the other has school letters, bills, drawings, unopened junk mail(!!!!!???) And other such "stuff" that hasn't been looked at yet. *Sigh*. I'm kind of trying to pretend it's not there! At least it's now off my kitchen work top!

This morning I came in from dropping the children at school set to work on the lounge. Looking in the door you could barely see the floor for toys, children's clothes, a duvet and remnants of snacks! Truly awful! I cleared the floor first of toys and clothes, I cleared off the sofa, shook the throw to get the crumbs off and swept the floor including under the sofa. This is the result...

The cute little boy is meant to be here... The "stuff" is not! That stuff was under the sofa! But it doesn't end there. I could see there was more stuff under there which I couldn't get so I pulled out th thise sofa and this is what I found...

So after two hours of clearing, vacuuming, dusting, sorting... I managed to feel half "ok" about how the lounge now looks. There's a basket of things on the side for the others to sort through and The dvds need putting on the shelf that's not been put up yet. But other than that... It's OK....

.... but it will never be perfect... Nothing is ever perfect. xx


  1. I truly feel how painful perfectionism can be. I was raised by parents who were both perfectionists and never felt like I was "good enough". Recently I found out that my brother felt the same way. It is a battle to overcome perfectionism but continuous improvement is a much kinder concept. Then there can be claps and cheers rather than judgment. I hope you will be kind to yourself.

    1. Thank you Juhli. I often wonder why I'm like I am as I don't recall my parents ever being perfectionists... then or now. However, I did go to a strict catholic primary school which was far too pushy... So maybe it was that and I was just not suited to that style of learning. I'm working on it. Very slowly... But I'm determined to get there!