Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Hopes and goals for 2014

While the children are all happily playing with their new toys that Father Christmas brought them and Gareth is busy beautifying himself upstairs ready for our Christmas day, I thought i'd jot down a few thoughts. The busyness of Christmas often makes me stop and think about what's important and the past few days I've been thinking about numerous things. Firstly, and most importantly, my family's health. In many ways (mainly activities/exercise) we are all pretty healthy. The children are extremely active most of the time and do several sports after school and lunch time clubs. Gareth and I have always walked everywhere and only take the car if extremely necessary. Finley is also a very keen outdoor toddler and we would like it to stay that way. Therefore, we would like to continue this. We already do family bike rides, roller skating/scootering, swimming as regularly as we can. Next year we intend to add to our outdoor pursuits and Gareth is going to get Caden involved in archery lessons which I think would be really good for him.

In addition to our active lifestyle, one thing we really need to change is our eating habits. Sadly I am about 2 st over weight despite my activity levels and therefore I really need to lose some! I have tried this unsuccessfully since Finley was born 20 months ago, but this year I hope to try much much harder. Gareth and the big children have a very poor diet of far too many processed foods and snacks. And I just eat too much... Although my diet is much healthier than the others. I eat lots of whole foods, not a huge amount of meat and I try and limit my sugar intake. But there's much room for improvement... So improvement is what we will make!

I need to rush off now but I will pop back when I get a chance to add to this. x

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