Thursday, 1 September 2011

Messy bedrooms!

Why does it bother me oh so much that the children don't tidy up their room. They used to be awful at leaving the whole house in a tip but now they are a bit bigger they are quite good at taking their things up (even if it takes lots of reminding!). But their own bedroom is a different matter entirely! Most of the time you can barely see their floor. It drives me to despair.

My ever so matter of fact 8yr old daughter says to me "but why does it bother you mummy? It's our room, it's only us who has to live in it". I say to her that I need to get in to put their clothes away and change their bed and she says "just leave them at the door and they will do it!". If I could only believe that I would do it. If I really thought that they would take their dirty sheets off and leave them outside the door on "wash day" and then manage to put the sheets and pillow cases and duvet covers back on again then I would like nothing more than to close their door and let them live in a pigsty. But they are 6 and 8. Not 16 and 18. It simply wouldn't work

Therefore, I nag, they moan, I shout, they cry, I nag some more...for an hour and a half...and finally the room is tidy. I quickly put their clothes away and change their beds and sweep their floor before tomorrow when it is back to being a pigsty again! *sigh*.


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  2. I hear you - being a perfectionist means I hardly ever just let things be, and get stressed when the house isn't the way I want it to be!


  3. MamaMake, this I'd exactly how I feel right now... The house is awful and i'm craving getting back to some sort of routine.