Saturday, 11 November 2017


Are any of you crafters? I am. I love creating things and have done many items over the years. I try and do something handmade for my family at Christmas but I find each year it getting more and more difficult as my skills don't stretch that far!

I have an Esty shop that I have had for some time but I run it more as a hobby shop than as a business. Home Educating the children takes up all of my time at the moment but it's there waiting for me for when I have eventually get more time. They're not children forever so my priority right now has to be them. The business can wait.

In the meantime, I will continue to make and add to my shop and I will continue to get that huge buzz of excitement every time I make a sale. It doesn't matter how many things I sell (I had a craft stall for a while too) I will always get that zing of adrenaline every time I sell something. It's that shot of confidence. Something to just show that what I make is liked by other people too.

Feel free to pop over and take a look. x

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