Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Update on me! Shops and education and various other things!

Wow! What a few months I've had! Such exciting news! I have my crafts stocked in two shops locally to me and I am making sales! Not a huge amount at the moment, but enough to pay the shelf rental so right now that is good enough for me. I am still getting orders trickling in from my facebook pages and my etsy shop so again, all good. I have written several articles and am currently working on a book - details of which will be revealed at a later date!

So all in all I am a happy bunny!

My baby boy is now 3 (yes, THREE!! How did that time go so fast!?) and we are just about embarking on our Early Years Home Educating journey. I know, for some, this is a bit superficial until he turns 5, but to us it is a big deal. Our older children went to school as per "norm" and are still there and him not starting nursery in September is the start of our next chapter and an exciting one at that!

Again, being a perfectionist means that I am constantly battling with myself as to whether our home environment is enriched enough for him to be able to learn properly. However, thankfully, my perfectionism hasn't rubbed off on him and he just plods along in his own way doing what he does without worrying if it's good enough. I am grateful that when I am in "mum" mode, I let go of the perfectionism and allow them to just be themselves - something that I am getting better at every day - so much so that I don't even always THINK perfect thoughts any more, never mind suggest them!

So, you can view my shop at or on  so if you fancy, pop over and say hi! x

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